“We are a family with a strong sound and a clear objective: Strengthen the conviction of our fans as individuals, in the face of a society stained by corruption, through our lyrics.”

– Nightwalkers –

Nightwalkers is a Heavy, Modern Thrash Metal band from Panama City, Panama. The band was brought together in 2010, when Carlos Shedden (Guitars, Vocals) and Vladimir Pardales (Guitars, back-up Vocals), joined forces with Pedro Contreras (Bass Guitar) and Josue Olivero (Drums) for their first full lineup. After a couple of recurring changes, they met up in 2013 with Johann Tempest (Drums, Percussion, and Vocals) and Sorin Cig (Bass Guitar), to form their second full incarnation of the band, through which they released their first EP, Path to Reality, in 2014. The band’s use of 80’s old school & thrash and present-day metal riffing combination, as well as constant experimentation with different branches of metal and rock music, give the band a characteristic, and pure sound, which is part of the band’s persona, as well as their energy to perform. The band has then continously grown, working their way up to their first national and international tour, travelling to Mexico, where they played at well known venues, such as Gato Calavera, and El Tianguis Del Chopo.

The band has then continuously grown, working their way up their first national tour, up to their first international tour to Mexico, where they played at popular local venues. The band has also played with bands of international caliber and cult, like thrashers Jakem (Costa Rica), Florida Death/Hardcore Forty Winters (U.S.), and former Occult, Legion of the Damned (Netherlands). In early 2016, the band recorded and launched their single, “Nitrogenesis”, for which they’ve also made their first official music video, launched in Hard Rock Café.

 In 2017, the band began work in the first full-length album. They were also being accompanied by new bassist, Jesús Araúz, with a 3rd official lineup that became opening act for Spanish Folk Metal legends Saurom, and participated in the Metal Injection Festival/Tour 2018 in Colombia, and they returned to Pereira in 2019 as guests in the 4th Eje Rock International Festival. So far they’ve also released two singles, “Metal Land”, and “Requiem Of A Nation”, of their upcoming album, now titled “Conviction”.





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